Cakes, cookies or quiches – Rayzin is the delicious answer to all your needs.

Kishh me quick! – If I ever say that to you, don’t pucker up your lips. 99% chances are I am asking you to get me a quiche. Since my ‘little girl’ days, I am enormously fond of bakery products. Be it Nahoum’s, Flury’s or my mom baking, the heavenly aroma of baked goodies used to have magnetic attraction on me. It’s no surprise that I grew up to be a very fat person and a deft baker myself. But in recent times, Kolkata cake scenes have been disappointing. It’s almost impossible to get ‘the real stuff’ at a moderate budget. But fret not…. at this time of crisis, Rayzin is a delicious answer to all our worries.

Ananya Ray used to bake at home since her college days. It was something she loved doing. Over the years, she had trained herself to perfect her skills. In spite of a busy career as a teacher in Modern High School and having the responsibility of looking after two families – her own parents and her in-laws, she would still find time to bake for special occasions. It was on one such occasion, Rayzin was ideated. Ananya had baked two large cakes – Chocolate Truffle and Black Forest for her Husband’s 50th birthday party. Her guests were floored. They had a hard time believing that the cakes came from Ananya’s kitchen, and not from a 5-star restaurant’s patisserie. This translated into huge encouragement for Ananya to start her own brand. Her husband, Arabinda Ray had lent every support and was a pillar of strength for her.

In 2015 Rayzin was born, albeit Ananya used to operate from her own kitchen. But growing demands made her move the bakery to a rented space in 2017. She now operates from this studio with her 5-member team. A plan is brewing to shift to an even bigger space and opening a counter.

In just 3 years journey, Rayzin has left some indelible impressions. It supplies products to Cafes such as The Whistling Kettle, Royal Bengal Tiger Café (both outlets) and Magenta, Restaurants such as Wasabi, Maharaja and Melting point, Clubs such as Calcutta Rowing Club (CRC) and Indian Life Saving Society (ILSS). It has also covered events in several prominent institutions such as Calcutta International School, Modern High School and Vidya Bharati School. “But the most remarkable memory was,” said Ananya, “covering the high tea in the prestigious bicentenary celebration of the founder’s day in Presidency College. Being an alumni, it was a moment of pride. We toiled to ready 1500 boxes, but at the end, it was all worth it as people kept telling me how much they enjoyed the food.”

Rayzin has a wide range of artful and delectable products-savouries, breads, cookies, pastries, tea cakes, customized fondant cakes and more. I am sharing pictures of only a few products in this blog post. The full range is available on Rayzin’s facebook page. To place an order one just needs to WhatsApp (098305 12963) a day in advance (2 days for large orders). The products can be picked up from the bakery or can be scheduled for home delivery (within Kolkata). For home delivery, payment methods are Paytm or Cash on Delivery (COD). Rayzin is a registered bakery and all customers are provided with a purchase bill.

So, what makes Rayzin stand out in a city known for it’s cake culture? Be it Christmas, birthday, school tiffin or mid-day hunger pangs at workplace, Kolkata says yes to cakes. Well, of course the high quality of all its products, and that too at pocket-friendly prices. The products are creative expression of an artist and are not marred by any shadow of commercialization. The egg patty I tasted from the savouries section was crisp to the right degree and yet comfortably soft to the bites. The taste confirmed the fact that refined recipe and best quality ingredients had been used. Even after baking, the egg nestled in the centre retained all its sunny, eggy exuberance. Next was the siren call from the bread section. The focaccia bread rocked my world and on any day, I can happily fill my stomach on that along with some cold cuts.

The sublime blueberry muffin and decadent pineapple-chocolate pastry were deliciously and rightly sweet. One bite was enough to break my will power and I happily succumbed to the heavenly flavours of pure butter, fruits and chocolate. Before I could recover from my ‘floating in heaven’ status, I saw the pretty lemon tart winking at me. Lemon tart is my weakness and the one at Rayzin was one of the best I had in a long time. The savoury mould and the tartness of lemon cream filling were combined to a nuanced balance to win my heart and leave me craving for a second helping and may be a third too. “No artificial essence is used in Rayzin’s products”- said Ananya. “A lot of my clients are children, and being a teacher myself, I will never compromise with a child’s happiness.” Well, Rayzin had surely made the child in me very happy!

Given a chance, it can make you feel delighted too. For your next celebration or next craving for baked goodies, do consider giving Rayzin a try. Rayzin serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates and my taste buds do vouch excellent quality!

Disclaimer: This is a brand collaboration. However, opinions about the products are true to my tasting experience.


  • Location: 1/1L Jodhpur Park, Kolkata 700068
  • Ordering mode: Whatsapp 098305 12963, 9748250250
  • Payment mode: Paytm/ COD
  • Home delivery available
  • Facebook Page